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Buffalo Meat: Healthy Never Tasted So Good!

America's Original Red Meat

Delicious Buffalo Meat

  • Flavor to savor!
  • Tastes slightly sweet.
  • Not at all gamey.

Nutritious Buffalo Meat

  • Low Fat & Low Cholesterol
  • Very High Protein
  • A great source of Iron

Nutritional Comparison

 FatCaloriesCholesterolIronVit B12
Beef (choice)10.15219862.992.65
Beef (select)8.09201862.992.64

Buffalo Meat Cuts

  • Steaks (Cube Steaks to Filets)
  • Roasts (Pot Roast to Prime Rib)
  • Ribs (Back Rib & Short Ribs)
  • Special: Fajitas, Kabobs & Stew
  • Ground Meat & Burgers!

Buffalo Meat Choices

  • Grassfed Buffalo Meat
  • Organic Buffalo Meat
  • Grainfed Buffalo Meat
Each choice is truly tasty!

Buffalo Cooking Tips

Buffalo Steaks should be prepared medium (no more than 135-140°), so please use a meat thermometer and think pink.

Buffalo Roasts should have liquid added (soups, broths, salsa, wine, etc) can often be cooked in the crock pot all day on a low temperature; or prepare your specialty roasts in the oven on a lower temperature (275°) and again use a meat thermometer and keep the inside pink .

Ground Buffalo can be substituted in any ground beef recipe; just remember it's lean so you may need to turn your skillet down or spray it with non-stick spray.

Buffalo Burgers are also lean so just remember not to smash 'em.

Find Buffalo Meat

Looking for a local source for buffalo meats. Just visit our member's page for a buffalo rancher that sells meat near you.